Auction MM Part 6 – Start

Choose your case by commenting below Case 1 : ”ALDI, Impressively High quality at impossibly low prices, every day” Tagged : cinta, alif, obi Case 2 : “Snickers achieving promotional integration with universal appeal – Hunger. Case 3 : “Pinterest; Revolutionizing the web – Again Case 4 : ”Celebrity endorser ; finding the right celebrity for… Continue reading Auction MM Part 6 – Start


Auction MM Part 6

The Auction Will Start Tonight at 6 PM The rule : 1. 1 case will be presented by 4 person that acting as a group. 2. you can auction as a group 3. if there is 2 person or less, in one case there is offer to add to the group by the fastest one… Continue reading Auction MM Part 6